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Traditional Thai Massage

In 2019 Bua Sawan opens a new branch in The Netherlands, named 'Bua Sawan - Traditional Thai massage'. Bua Sawan in Hendrik Ido Ambacht in The Netherlands offers several Thai massages with the highest quality and services. We specialize in treatments against muscle pain caused by Office syndrome. Furthermore, we are able to reduce headache and migraine pain. For more information about office syndrome and migraine, please read our blogs.

Thaan and Khae

Thaan (left) and daughter Khae (right)

You are welcome to Bua Sawan - Traditional Thai massage. 

Our Massage treatments will recover your body and mind

The modern western society has high expectations of their people. Sometimes the expectations are too high and will cause stress. The result is muscle aches, headaches and even burnouts. To prevent these symptoms, it is advisable to get a Thai massage treatment on a regular basis. Thai massage treatments are ideal for relieving muscle aches, stress and headaches. Furthermore, it is good for the well-being of the mind and bloodcirculation.

Thai massage; body and mind needed.

For all your needs , we determine together with you the best possible massage treatment.

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Thai massage

Traditional Thai (Yoga) Massage

Traditional Thai (yoga) massage is an effective treatment for healing effect on body and mind. It's reduce muscle problems, headache and stress symptoms. Also, it improves blood circulation and drainage of urine. Last but not least, it gives a lot of positive energy.

Oil massage

Herbal Oil Massage

With a (herbal) oil massage, your body and mind should be relax deeply. As result, tensions and muscle pain will be reduced. This treatment is suitable for people with migraine, constipation and rheumatism.


Head neck shoulder massage

Head - Neck and shoulder massage

Possible consequences of long-term muscle tension in neck and shoulder area are headaches and limited turning of your head to the left, right, front or back. This treatment relieves the pressure in the neck and shoulder area. Also, it stimulates the bloodcirculation.

Foot massage

Foot Reflexology Massage

The bottom of feet have reflex zones connected with the organs and muscles in your body. A foot massage stimulates points under the feet. Blockages in the body can be relieved by a foot reflex massage. It gives a flow of positieve energy and it improves the body-mind balance.