Massage in Hendrik Ido Ambacht

Contact us for a treatment. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a wonderful Thai, oil or foot massage at Bua Sawan - Traditional Thai Massage in Hendrik Ido Ambacht. Our friendly and professional staff is here to serve you and uphold our 100% satisfaction.

Bua Sawan - Traditional Thai Massage does NOT perform erotic or other similar treatments. We can always refuse or terminate treatments immediately. Furthermore, you can read our policy. Follow this link.


The treatments are located on the second floor. The second floor can only be reached by two stairs.

For all your questions or feedback you can contact us. You can use this form as well. Also, you can contact us by telephone, facebook or our email address: Finally, to make an appointment, you can book a treatment online directly. Of course, you can also make an appointment by telephone.

Contact Bua Sawan

Massage in hendrik Ido Ambacht


Koolwijk 16

3343 RB Hendrik Ido Ambacht

The Netherlands


TEL: 0031 - (0)6 - 450.140.89


The practice rooms are located on the second floor (stairs).

Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday  from 10.00 until 17.00 o'clock (10.00 AM - 17.00 PM)

Furthermore, you can only pay with cash or (before departure) by tikkie


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